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We use 10+ apps on our store. We've tested out many more apps than that. Of all the apps we've tested on shopify, this app and the judgeme app have the best customer service I've ever seen. This app's service may even top the judgeme app service. I initially downloaded this app and deleted it. I mistakenly assumed that it wouldn't work for us because I wasn't patient enough to explore the app and see all it had to offer.
The customer service rep Traian reached out and explained why it could work for us. He answered more questions than he probably should have for my sorry butt and then offered to do all the set up for us. He put custom coding in our website as well to make the app exactly the way we wanted it. We were SO impressed with this level of service. In addition to the service, the app itself is great. We've been looking for something like this for almost 5 years!! We sell packaging supplies with price breaks between different quantities but the discounts aren't consistent so many other apps didn't work for us. This is the ONLY app that worked. Customers can now see the unit price for every quantity of each sku. This is a game changer as we are asked by customers DAILY what the unit price is for each of our quantities. We've been manually calculating it for each product every time someone asks.
My only regret is not finding this app sooner. Amazing products and service. SO glad to have found them!

United States, August 17, 2022
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Lantern ‑ Product Quiz Builder

Transform your store from a mere search platform to a helpful, customized experience, bringing back the human touch in product discovery.

Rating (4.8)
App Attic - Shopify App Developers
App Attic - Shopify App Developers

Bulk Bunny Bulk Discount Code

Generate unlimited discount codes in bulk and send a unique one-time-use code to each customer.

Rating (5.0)

Price Panda - Price Per Unit

Easily display the unit prices of your products right under the total price, on both product pages and collection pages.

Rating (5.0)
App Attic - Shopify App Developers
App Attic - Shopify App Developers

AltPaca - Auto Alt Text

AltPaca automagically updates the alt text of your images, anytime you launch new products, upload new images or make changes to your store.

Rating (5.0)
bundle bee bundles builder shopify app logo

Bundle Bee Bundles Builder

Create FBT offers, volume or discount breaks or any mix and match and shop the look bundles to increase your AOVs.

Rating (5.0)
App Attic - Shopify App Developers
App Attic - Shopify App Developers

Outsell Cross Sell & Upsell

Display pre-purchase upsell and cross-sell pop-ups that your customers can redeem and add to their cart with just one click.

Rating (4.7)
App Attic - Shopify App Developers

Toucan Tags & Titles

Edit hundreds of tags in seconds! Replace titles, update them and add or remove text based on very flexible criteria. Activate & customize preset automatic tagging rules for products, customers and orders.

Stock Sheep ‑ Sold & Low Stock

The app automatically displays your inventory & sales counts for your chosen products in order to create urgency and boost your sales.

Rating (4.6)
App Attic - Shopify App Developers

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The app works great. On top of that, superb support level, even when you are on the free plan. Traian is a coding wizard to my eyes. Thank you for the helpful support and an awesome + easy to use app!
Singapore, August 17, 2022
"If I could give them 10 stars, I would. Traian goes above and beyond to make sure that it suits your goals. He's incredibly responsive, kind, and excellent. The product is incredibly intuitive. You'll need to follow some easy and basic directions to set it up, but nothing challenging. When I migrated to a new theme, I needed support and he helped me in a flash. I'm excited to see what other features they add on next."
United States, November 3, 2022
"The best app support I ever experienced! Even better then any support from all companies. We received super fast solutions and customization. The app works perfectly now and it's just what we needed! THIS IS HOW CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD BE IN AN IDEAL WORLD."
Portrait of a woman
Netherlands, September 19, 2022
"It does what it is supposed to and also the support helps you directly, I had a request about the price in the categories and this request was solved immediately. Keep up the good work!"
Germany, April 11, 2022
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